When It Comes to PPE Offers, Proceed with Caution

We know that the need and demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) continues to far exceed supply.  There are many others who are also aware of that fact and some of them are preying on the desperation for supplies, exhaustion from juggling so many priorities in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, and strong desire to protect our workers on the front line.  Because there are many unscrupulous players in the market right now, PACHC urges caution in these desperate times when accepting offers.  Here are some initial checks to evaluate offers:

  • Large Minimum Order Quantities?  Any provider that is established in this space would be stocking and able to ship case pack quantities. Legitimate providers would not be putting large Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) out.
  • Suspicious Pricing?  Legitimate providers aren’t pricing products significantly above what you could search an item for on the internet or a previous price paid.
  • Do They Have a Website?  Not a foolproof check by any means because it’s easy to set up fake sites these days, but an easy rule-out if they don’t have one.
  • Do They Have the Appropriate Certifications?  NIOSH, CDC or other?

Can They Send You a Product Sample and/or Product Specification Sheet?  If a distributor is able to do so you have another level of assurance that you are more likely to get what you’re paying for.