COVID-19 Marketplace and Medicaid Enrollment

Since the beginning of this pandemic, there has been a push to establish a Health Insurance Marketplace Special Enrollment Period (SEP) due to the COVID-19 Emergency Declaration. The Trump administration has decided against reopening the Marketplace to those needing coverage during the coronavirus pandemic. The Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for loss of coverage is still available for individuals losing job-based coverage. Consumers have 60 days from the last day of coverage to sign up for an SEP. In Pennsylvania, Medicaid benefits will not be terminated for consumers as of March 18 until the end of the emergency declarations unless the individual leaves the state or voluntarily terminate their benefits. While county assistance offices remain closed to the public, consumers can still apply online and via the mobile app. Documents needed for verification can be submitted via the COMPASS webpage, mobile app or dropped off at county assistance office locations in the designated mailbox.