Prescription Drug Monitoring Program –
Pennsylvania PDMP Program

Protecting Health and Safety – Combating the Opioid Epidemic

To help prevent prescription drug abuse and protect the health and safety of our community, Pennsylvania’s Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (Pennsylvania PDMP) collects information on all filled prescriptions for controlled substances. This information helps health care providers safely prescribe controlled substances and helps the patients get the treatment they need.

Medical Professional Registration and Data Access

Valuable clinical data is now searchable through Pennsylvania’s new Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.

Starting August 25, 2016, medical professionals registered for Pennsylvania’s new PDMP will be able to access valuable data that will help inform clinical decisions and combat the opioid and heroin epidemic.

Register for the Pennsylvania PDMP system — click here to get started!

Registering for the Pennsylvania PDMP is the critical first step to accessing valuable clinical information to spot the warning signs of addiction, doctor shopping, and drug diversion.

Please visit the Pennsylvania PDMP website for the latest updates on the program. The site offers a general Q & A page, more details for dispensers and prescribers, and contact information for the Pennsylvania PDMP office.