#WellChildWednesdays Campaign Extended to Support Catch-up Visits and Immunizations

HRSA’s #WellChildWednesdays social media campaign, encouraging families to visit their pediatric provider for well-child visits and immunizations, kicked off in June, and due to its success is now extending into mid-August. The focus of an additional 3 posts will be to remind families to “catch up” on any missed appointments and vaccines.

The campaign has generated more than 400 new posts using the #WellChildWednesdays hashtag. More than 600 health centers in nearly every state, as well as federal agencies, the U.S. Surgeon General, and maternal and child health organizations nationwide have amplified the posts on social media. The posts offer families the information and support they need to make well-child visits a priority. Please continue to RETWEET and SHARE the messages on @HRSAgov Twitter and Facebook.