Pennsylvania State Data Center Releases New Municipal Population Estimates

New Data Show Estimated Population as of July 1, 2020

The U.S. Census Bureau has released July 1, 2020 population estimates for sub-county geographies including boroughs, townships, and cities. This release provides the tenth and final set of municipal estimates to be released by the Census Bureau since the 2010 Census. Please note that these data are not the final 2020 Census counts.

Pennsylvania continued its trend of increasing population in the urban and suburban areas of the southeastern and southcentral portions of the state, with pockets of growth surrounding State College and Pittsburgh. Boroughs across the state lost an estimated average of 48 persons, while townships gained an estimated average of 74 persons and cities an estimated average of 219 persons.

For more information on which boroughs, townships, and cities in Pennsylvania experienced the greatest change in their populations, click here to read this month’s brief.