2019 Effectuated Enrollment Snapshot

As of March 15, 2019, 10.6 million consumers in the nation had effectuated coverage through the health insurance exchanges for February 2019. This means consumers paid their first month’s premium. This number represents approximately 92% of consumers who made plan selections during the 2019 Open Enrollment Period (11.4 million). The average total monthly premium for enrollees nationwide in February 2019 was $594.17, a decrease of one percent from the February 2018 average premium of $597.20. Approximately 9.3 million, or 87% of Exchange enrollees in February 2019 received Advance Premium Tax Credits (APTC), consistent with the percentage of enrollees who received APTC in February 2018. The average monthly amount of APTC per enrollee receiving APTC fell by approximately 1% from February 2018, to $514.01. To view Pennsylvania specific data, click here.