Work Search Requirements Reinstated for Pennsylvania’s Unemployed

Changes to the benefits and rules for unemployment during the COVID-19 pandemic have been identified by many economists and employers as a reason for the substantial number of currently unfilled jobs throughout the nation while unemployment rates remain high. Pennsylvania is struggling with the same situation – continuing levels of high unemployment while there are a sizable number of available jobs – but that might soon start changing as the state’s work search requirement (suspended since March 2020) for those receiving jobless benefits is reinstated this week. Technically, because Unemployment Compensation (UC) claimants always file for benefits the week after they are unemployed, individuals will start certifying they looked for work beginning July 18 – but that doesn’t change that they need to start looking this week.

State officials late last week said job seekers can find help through the state’s PA CareerLink® website or their local PA CareerLink® office, with programs available to help with job search, training and resume assistance as well as provide adult education and other referral services. Additionally, the state Department of Human Services offers employment and training programs that support job seekers specifically within low-income populations.