What Does Google Health Have Planned?

David Feinberg, a physician from Geisinger Health and former President and CEO of Geisinger, joined Google to lead its newly created Google Health division last year. At the recent HLTH conference, one of the largest and most important conferences for health innovation, Dr. Feinberg said that one idea would be to focus efforts on Google’s core expertise in search, looking to make it easier for doctors to search medical records. He also wants to improve the quality of health-related search results for consumers, so results are more authoritative across Google and YouTube. “Imagine a search bar on top of your EHR that needs no training,” he proposed. Here’s how he explained it: Doctors could start typing into the search bar, just as they do when searching for answers on Google, and the system would start automatically filling out responses and offering up information. He offered the example of a doctor typing in the number “87” and the system then auto-completes information on the 87-year-old patient with a history of stomach cancer.” Read more.