Vulnerable Communities and COVID-19 in Pennsylvania

The State of Health Equity in Pennsylvania (2019)” report states, “there are other areas in Pennsylvania where residents are more vulnerable. These residents’ health is at risk because they don’t have the same access to health care, education, jobs, clean environment and safety. Given Pennsylvania’s unique geography and population distribution, this reality affects many: urban and rural populations; racial and ethnic minorities; gender and sexual minorities; the young and old and many more.” This pandemic exacerbates poor health outcomes for vulnerable populations. Pennsylvania DOH is taking a proactive approach to safeguard residents.

Materials and resources are translated into various languages, briefings are done in Spanish and sign language. These include fact sheets, symptoms, what to do when sick, how to stop the spread, hand washing instructions and graphics. For a comprehensive approach, a COVID-19 Health Equity Response Team from staff and external stakeholders was formed. The goal is to develop a strategy to mitigate the potential of unintentional harm, loss of life, suffering and long-term multi-generational impact for vulnerable communities.

For support on health equity, more information and contact information can be found on the Office of Health Equity web page.