Show Your Appreciation to Pennsylvania Water Operators!

When was the last time you thanked the water operators in your community for delivering safe water to your home? Tap water is something that many take for granted and we don’t often think of who was involved in making that happen. Regardless of the fluoridation status of your water system, water operators do an essential job of providing you and your family with safe drinking water.

PCOH is encouraging groups to thank water systems for delivering safe drinking water to homes, schools, restaurants, and businesses.

The “Water Operator Thank You Campaign” would be an ideal activity for community groups such as boards, homeowner associations, rotary clubs, church and youth groups, scouts, 4-H chapters, parent-teacher associations, sports teams, health clubs, and recreational leagues. If you are interested in participating, PCOH will provide you with blank thank you notes, envelopes, and a prepaid envelope to return your notes back to us. From there, we will address your note and send it on to your water system. Thank you for taking the time to show your appreciation for our PA water operators!

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