Report Looks at Pennsylvania Medical School Impact on Primary Care Physician Shortage

The Joint State Government Committee, a research arm of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, has released the report “Medical School Impact on the Primary Care Physician Shortage in Pennsylvania.” The report, which resulted from a House resolution in 2020, studies efforts within medical schools to promote student choice in primary care, to include primary care experience in the curriculum and to accurately monitor and report graduate retention in primary care. The report includes extensive information about students, ongoing programs and new initiatives gathered during meetings with the Commonwealth’s nine medical schools. A page is devoted to the Pennsylvania Primary Care Career Center. The report concludes with findings and recommendations for the General Assembly’s consideration including:

  • Improve data collection of Pennsylvania’s primary care workforce to create more accurate predictions.
  • Overcome cultural and financial barriers preventing medical schools from promoting primary care.
  • Increase funding to the Pennsylvania Primary Care Loan Repayment Program.
  • Invest in the Primary Care Career Center and other programs targeting physician recruitment.
  • Expand Pennsylvania’s primary care pipeline programs.