Pennsylvania Recognizes National Farmers Day: October 12

The profession of farming began around 12,000 years ago with the domestication of livestock, as hunters and gatherers settled down and started to plan their own food. Farming is one of the oldest jobs around.

Take a moment on October 12 to thank all the farmers that work to grow and produce our food. Remember: their families play a big role too!


  • Thank a farmer for their hard work.
  •  Read about a farmer
  • Shop at a Farmers Market in Pennsylvania
  • Use social media to show gratitude and support: #ThankAFarmer   #NationalFarmersDay   #UndeniablyDairy #
  • Plant a garden. Start your own mini-farm.
    • Stores will mark or display locally-grown produce near the front or with signs.
    • Look for PA-Preferred labels on products or marked in the aisles.
    • On milk, if it was bottled in Pennsylvania, the number printed on the outside of the container will begin with #42.