Pennsylvania Launches Community to Home Health Services

What are Community Health Services?

The world of healthcare is complicated and ever-changing. Community Health Work is a personalized service to help guide you through these otherwise confusing activities, connecting you with the providers and services you can depend on to stay healthy.

Your Community Health Worker will listen and work with you as a team to create goals that address the problems you are facing.

Community Health Workers offer personal guidance on all aspects of the healthcare system. Whether you would like help finding homecare services, scheduling appointments or better understanding your benefits and program eligibility, a friendly partner is available to help.

Who is eligible?

Any child between the ages of 0-21 who lives in a rural region of Pennsylvania and meets the 300% income poverty level is eligible.

Are participants required to pay for services?

No. Funding for Community Health Services has been made available through the Community to Home Program and there is no fee to participate.

You could receive…

  • Individualized goal planning with supportive coaching.
  • Health education & personal guidance about steps towards prevention and early detection.
  • Explanations of Insurance Coverage including Medicaid and Medicare.
  • Connections to community resources including mental health services, education, housing, utility assistance, meals and transportation.
  • Electronic or telephonic appointment reminders.
  • Support at medical appointments.

Discuss these and other needs with your Community Health Worker today!

How can I get connected?

Call toll-free 1-800-616-3718 to contact CareStar to make a direct referral by telephone, OR complete and submit a referral form to Fax: 724-734-5761 or email:

A CareStar Community Health Worker will contact you when your referral is processed and will schedule a meeting at the time and location of your choice to get your services started.