Pennsylvania Hospitals Among US News’ 73 Inaugural Maternity Care Access Hospitals

U.S. News & World Report for the first time has recognized 73 hospitals as Maternity Care Access Hospitals; eight are located in Pennsylvania.

Hospitals on the list are those providing maternity care to low-access communities throughout the U.S. and have acceptable performance on each of the quality measures used in determining U.S. NewsBest Hospitals for Maternity Care. Read more about the methodology here.

Hospitals recognized as Maternity Care Access Hospitals were also required to meet geographic criteria. They were eligible if the hospital was either the only hospital providing maternity care within its county and was located in a county with fewer than 60 obstetric providers per 10,000 births, or if the hospital was the only hospital within a 15-mile radius and was located in a county with fewer than 128 obstetric providers per 10,000 births.

Hospitals did not make the Maternity Care Access Hospitals list if they received the lowest normalized value for unexpected newborn complications, C-sections, early elective delivery, or episiotomy, U.S. News said. Hospitals also didn’t make the list if they reported an exclusive human milk feeding rate of less than 21.2%, which is the lowest decile of exclusive human milk feeding reported by The Joint Commission’s Quality Check website for 2021.