Pennsylvania Governor’s New Executive Order Focuses on the Most Vulnerable  

During the week of July 29, 2019, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf by executive order announced that an overhaul of the state services and systems to protect the most vulnerable Pennsylvanians will begin. Governor Wolf’s “Protection of Vulnerable Populations” Executive Order establishes an Office of Advocacy and Reform, maintained by the governor’s office with an executive director, creates a new Child Advocate position and integrates the Long-term Care Ombudsman. It also establishes a Council on Reform, with 25 voting members appointed by Gov. Wolf to support this effort by looking at protecting vulnerable populations from three perspectives: prevention and diversion, protection and intervention, and justice and support. Both the Council on Reform and the Office of Advocacy and Reform will identify reforms needed for Pennsylvania to better protect and support individuals relying upon services and assistance from the commonwealth.  The governor also shared his intent to pursue extensive regulatory and legislative actions.