Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Launches Expanded Online Permitting Options to Assist Businesses

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) today announced a new online permit application tool that will help permit applicants submit their permit applications electronically. The new tool, OnBase-DEP Upload Form, will allow applicants to submit applications for all DEP authorizations.

DEP had previously developed several online permit applications in its e-Permitting system under the Wolf administration and has reduced the backlog of permits under review by nearly 90 percent. Payment for application fees is not a part of the tool, and applicants will still need to submit payment under separate cover. Applications for permits that are included in DEP’s e-Permitting system should only be submitted in the e-Permitting system.

Benefits of the online tool include:

  • Lower costs for DEP and applicants – no paper and mailing envelopes
  • Better efficiency for DEP staff; applications can more easily be moved between staff to prevent backlog
  • Allows DEP staff to continue to process applications without going into an office, ensuring continued operations through pandemic conditions

Guidance for the new permit application tool can be found here.

Instructions for applicants to submit permit fees can be found here.

More information on the online permitting tool can be found here: