Pennsylvania Announces Submissions Now Being Accepted for Statewide Virtual Photo Exhibit Documenting COVID-19 in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania First Lady Frances Wolf announced that the submission period for One Lens: Sharing Our Common Views is open and Pennsylvanians can begin sharing their photos documenting their COVID-19 experience. The first lady announced the statewide virtual photo exhibit in January and its mission to celebrate the hard work and commitment of all Pennsylvanians as we continue our fight against COVID-19, as well as create a visual record of this historical moment.

More information about the exhibit and how to participate can be found here.

“It is very exciting to begin collecting photos,” said First Lady Wolf. “Since we launched the One Lens initiative, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from individuals across the state who want to share these pieces of their lives. And not every story is going to be about picking up new hobbies and finding bright spots during this time, but that’s what we want to convey. Every story, no matter how sad and no matter how frustrating, matters. These are our stories as Pennsylvanians, and they need to be remembered and honored.”

One Lens highlights the importance of preserving history by encouraging Pennsylvanians to share their experiences during COVID-19 through photography. The submitted images will be displayed for public viewing and archived as visual documentation of the pandemic. By using photography as the medium to tell these stories, One Lens also emphasizes using art as a tool for Pennsylvanians to cope, heal and inspire one another. The exhibit covers three themes:

  •   Our Heroes, paying homage to the pandemic heroes who cannot stay home;
  •   Our Lives, looking at how we spend our time when no one is watching; and
  •   Our Communities, showcasing Pennsylvanians uniting in the face of a global
    health crisis.

The photo submission period will remain open until Monday, March 8, 2021. The full exhibit will be released on Friday, March 19, 2021.

In preparation of the exhibit, five ambassadors were selected to represent the central, northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest regions of the state. These regional ambassadors will use their strong connection to their regions to ensure that the One Lens exhibit will truly reflect the experiences of Pennsylvania’s diverse, vibrant, and resilient communities.

One Lens is presented in partnership with the Pennsylvania Tourism Office, Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, and the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. Photography experience is not required to contribute to the statewide exhibit. For more information on the regional ambassadors, the overall project, and rules for participation, visit For exhibit updates, highlights, and inspiration, follow One Lens on Facebook and Instagram.