New Rural Revitalization Podcast from the Brookings Institution Launched

Introducing Reimagine Rural, a podcast featuring rural towns experiencing positive change

While the dominant narrative regarding rural America is one of decline and division, Reimagine Rural is a new podcast that visits rural towns across the United States that are experiencing positive change and explores how public investment in rural people and places can lead to increased and equitable prosperity.  

Hosted by Tony Pipa, a scholar in the Center for Sustainable Development at the Brookings Institution and a product of rural America, each episode features local voices telling the story of progress in their community and considering the intersection with policy and public resources.   

Join Tony on this journey to visit a diverse set of towns across America to learn more about how rural communities are adapting to the 21st century. 

Episode 1 debuted on November 22.   Click here to see the list of podcasts and for information on how to subscribe.