New Research Briefs Released from the Philadelphia Reserve Bank

Changes in Employment During the COVID-19 Recession
See new research that focuses on recent changes in employment by residents’ education, race, ethnicity, and gender in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. The research finds that overall, the employment rate fell by roughly 8 percentage points between May 2019–October 2019 and the same period in 2020, from 76.5 percent to 68.4 percent.

New Tool Allows Users to Explore Opportunities for Occupational Mobility
See the Occupational Mobility Explorer, which allows users to examine opportunities for workers to transfer their skills from one occupation to a similar — but higher-paying — occupation in the same labor market. The tool brings to life the data behind our recent report, Exploring a Skills-Based Approach to Occupational Mobility.

More on Transitions to Better-Paying Occupations
Read our new research that identifies pathways for COVID-19 displaced workers employed in the hardest-hit occupations in the Philadelphia metro area to translate their existing skills into higher-paying occupations, some of which were more resilient to the pandemic.