New Plan Selections Coming for Some Enrolled in Pennsylvania’s Physical HealthChoices

Pennsylvania is preparing to enter into new contracts and that will change some of the Physical Health Plans that are available for those covered by Medical Assistance (MA).

Health plans will be changing which counties they serve, and MA recipients will need to choose a new plan option.

It’s important to note that MA recipients will not lose health coverage.

Some MA recipients will simply need to choose a new plan. New plans will go into effect September 1, 2022.

If a recipient’s health plan is no longer available in their county, then they will need to choose a new plan by August 16, 2022, or one will be automatically assigned to them. If their current plan is available, and they did not choose a new one, nothing will change.

Beginning June 22, MA recipients will be mailed information on how these changes will affect them and what steps they will need to take. Mail will be sent from PA Enrollment Services. For questions about this process, MA recipients can contact PA Enrollment Services directly.

Important Dates

June 22-August 16, 2022: Plan Selection Period

  • If an MA recipient’s plan is changing, and they do not select a new plan, one will be chosen for them. They will not lose coverage.
  • If a recipient’s plan is NOT changing, they do not need to take any action, and they will stay with their current plan.

September 1, 2022: New Plans Take Effect

The DHS website is a one-stop shop for plan information. Through the site, visitors can see which plans are changing by county, compare plans, and read tips for choosing a health plan.

Your Help is Needed!

You can help DHS spread the word and get up-to-date on these changes with our informational toolkit. This toolkit is designed to provide information to a variety of stakeholders about what to expect from these changes and how to assist MA recipients.  More information on HealthChoices Plan Selection is available on DHS’s website.