New Oral Health Resources Available in Pennsylvania

PCOH staff have been working on a number of print projects this spring that we hope will be helpful to you in your own advocacy and work.

  • Medicaid Provider Brochure: This tri-fold flyer helps explain the many reasons that dentists and PHDHPs should participate in Medicaid and provides information on recent updates to the program.
  • Medicaid Patient Brochure: Many adults enrolled in Medicaid don’t even know they have a dental benefit. This flyer helps explain some of the dental benefits offered and shares links to additional resources.
  • Finding Dental Care: This flyer is available in English and Spanish and lists high-level resources in PA to help everyone find care.

Thank you to CareQuest Institute for Oral Health for helping to fund this work. These materials are all able to be printed and shipped, or you can use the PDF file to share electronically or print yourself. Email to request printed materials.