New Listserv Topic for Rural Populations

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has a new rural health care listserv dedicated to sharing information about programs, policies and resources to help ensure rural populations have access to quality health care.

To subscribe to the new topic, click here and enter your email! Look for Outreach and Education, then Rural Health.

Our goal at CMS is to develop programs and policies that ensure rural Americans have access to high quality care, support rural providers and not disadvantage them, address the unique economics of providing health care in rural America, and reduce unnecessary burdens in a stretched system to advance our commitment to improving health outcomes for Americans living in rural areas. Rethinking Rural Health is a vital part of CMS’s push to transform the health care delivery system to a model that delivers high quality, affordable, and accessible health care for every American.

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  • CMS Rural Health Strategy
  • Maternal health care
  • Payment and billing
  • Policies and regulation
  • Resources for partners

In order to find more information on rural health activities at CMS, please visit or contact