Kittanning, PA: You Can Get Fancy Coffee in Small Towns, Too

Ispirare, a high-end coffee shop in Kittanning, Pennsylvania, is introducing espresso culture to the community, and bringing people back to downtown.

Visitors to the downtown storefront of Ispirare Coffee in Kittanning, Pennsylvania (population 3,800), choose from a wide selection of basic and innovative drinks. Seasonal offerings are a big draw. This summer, a hibiscus berry lemonade, a white mocha with local maple syrup, and a vanilla strawberry brown sugar latte are bringing in curious customers, some who return to try them all.

Many people choose a baked good to accompany their drink. A full selection includes muffins, cookies, granola bars, scones, and croissants. People of all ages meet up here and often remark on the wide array of delicious treats.

Ispirare Coffee is the first high-end coffee shop the county has ever had, and some other specialty items like organic juice can’t be found anywhere else. In recognition that many locals, an older demographic, might not be familiar with espresso culture, a graphic on the wall shows the components of each drink.

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