Journal of Health Politics and Law Special Issue Focuses on Biden Administration

Health Policy and the Biden Administration

(Advanced Publication Articles)

A special issue of the Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law (46:4)

Joe Biden takes office as president of the United States in the midst of a global pandemic, immense economic and social dislocation, recurrent reminders of racial injustice, acrimonious partisan divisions, and disquieting threats to American democracy. He comes to the presidency at a time that is anything but normal, with myriad challenges that will immediately confront his administration.

In this special issue of JHPPL, authors examine the obstacles and opportunities that await the incoming administration. Featuring essays on the future of the ACA, structural racism, COVID-19, the public option, and the opioid crisis, among other topics, “Health Policy and the Biden Administration” marks JHPPL’s first accounting of this new chapter in US health policy.