Free VA-Approved Health Care and COVID-19 Training Available

The Veterans Health Administration Employee Education System (EES) is a program office of the Department of Veterans Affairs.  They provide timely, reliable and essential educational offerings to VA employees and community providers in a variety of easily accessible and cutting-edge formats, much of which offer continuing education credits.

A host of materials have been developed that describe the free training that the VA provides to the public, including:

  • A catalog of our current TRAIN educational offerings, which is updated monthly.
    • These programs can be accessed anytime through VHA TRAIN
  • A subscriber page where learners can sign up by health care topic to get email announcements when courses on a specific topic are added
  • VHA TRAIN data sheet, which is a single page PDF of key TRAIN information and can be distributed digitally or printed for local use

The agency has created a COVID-19 training website where any learner can take free COVID-19 specific training. Materials on the site are all available through publicly accessible devices, such as personal cell phones and tablets so they can be taken anytime, anywhere. Here is a data sheet that describes its capabilities.