Data Show More Than 539,000 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in Appalachia

Appalachia reached two grim milestones last week when the Region recorded 500,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 10,000 covid-related deaths. From March 6, 2020, COVID-19 cases increased at a gradual pace. In the past few months, the number of confirmed cases increased faster, and has continued to increase every day since October 2. This week, Appalachia set a new record high for the seven-day rolling average of new daily cases with 5,062 on October 20th. The seven-day average of new daily cases was 4,425 a week ago and 3,805 two weeks ago.

The seven-day rolling average of new daily deaths stands at 68 per day, up from 60 a week ago and 53 two weeks ago. As of 11:30am today, October 22, 2020, there were 545,567 cumulative cases throughout Appalachia and 10,666 cumulative deaths in 383 of Appalachia’s 420 counties.

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