Data on Nearest Source of Care Affecting HPSA Scores

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) has released the seventh preliminary report on automatic Health Professional Shortage Area scores (auto-HPSAs). Uses may have noticed in their scores that the Nearest Source of Care (NSC) for primary care, dental or behavioral health was inaccurate. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH), which serves as the commonwealth’s Primary Care Office, HRSA knows that most of the NSCs for the auto-HPSAs are not correct. DOH is unable to change those providers, however, until after the national update when the HRSA auto-HPSA portal will be available to change the NSC and submit supplemental documentation. The national update will take place when the preliminary scores become official and take the place of the current scores. Information provided about NSCs cannot be entered since the portal is not yet available, so DOH is asking Community Health Centers to wait until after the national update to request a change. This will help DOH track, comply and best change requests. To request a change, please send an email to Belinda Williams, Public Health Program Administrator, at