COVID-19 Vaccine Resources for Rural Health Clinics (RHC)

Rural Health Clinic COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution (RHCVD) Program. The Rural Health Clinic Vaccine Distribution Program (RHCVD) will distribute COVID-19 vaccines directly to RHCs to increase the availability of COVID-19 vaccines in rural communities. This is a way to directly provide vaccines in your RHC while the patient is in your clinic. Studies have shown that a trusted-source for COVID-19 vaccine advice is the patient’s health care provider.  This supply is in addition to your state allocation and allows for a choice from all three vaccines.

Important Changes to Pfizer Vaccine Shipment Sizes and Storage Requirements. Through RHCVD program, HRSA is now able to ship 450 doses of the Pfizer vaccine, rather than the previous minimum of 1,170. Also, the storage requirements of the Pfizer vaccine have been updated to a longer shelf life without ultra-cold storage. Here is the link for detailed storage advice from the CDC on each vaccine product. Concerns about wasting unused doses in a small-volume environment is secondary to the imperative to get “shots in the arms” according to this CDC resource.

Rural Health Clinic Vaccine Confidence (RHCVC) Program. Remember to apply for the RHCVC program. All RHCs that apply will be funded, but you must first apply. Here is a link to the NRHA webinar featuring FORHP speakers describing the RHCVC program. For information pertaining to Rewards and Incentives as part of you RHCVC application, please review this HHS OIG guidance on COVID-19 vaccination incentives. The deadline for application is June 23, 2021.

Rural Vaccine Toolkit and Resource Guide. To assist you in your vaccine administration efforts, and provide material for your RHCVC application, NRHA developed resources for your use.  COVID-19 vaccination talking points for rural community leaders includes key facts and messages derived from NRHA research on common questions, concerns, and attitudes shared by rural Americans.  COVID-19 vaccine resources is a compendium of useful information to help you navigate the many regional and national resources most relevant to rural leaders.