CMS to Launch New Version of

During the week of September  4, 2023, CMS will launch a new version of The new version of the site will feature an updated information architecture and streamlined navigation, as well as a refreshed home page. We worked with stakeholders throughout the development of these website improvements and this input is reflected in the new website navigation.

Here are some important things to keep in mind with regards to the new version of

  • Once the new site goes live, if you are still seeing the old site, please try refreshing the page, closing and re-opening your browser window, or opening a different browser.
  • Redirects
    • All pages will automatically redirect to the new URLs
    • All redirects will remain in place indefinitely
    • For anyone who has pages or files bookmarked, those links will continue to work properly
    • All links from existing materials such as documents and press releases will continue to work properly
    • All links from external websites will continue to work properly
    • All links from search engines such as Google will continue to work properly
  • and
    • These two domains will be migrated into the website and retired as standalone websites
    • All of the content from these domains has been migrated into the new information architecture on
    • All of the above information about redirects applies to these two sites as well
    • Once the new version of launches, you can navigate to Innovation Center content by going to, and you can navigate to Marketplace content by going to
    • It will take a day or two for the Innovation and Marketplace content to be indexed by our site search