CMS’ New One-Stop Nursing Home Resource Center Assists Providers, Caregivers, Residents

On October 30, CMS launched a new online platform – the Nursing Home Resource Center – to serve as a centralized hub bringing together the latest information, guidance, and data on nursing homes that is important to facilities, frontline providers, residents, and their families, especially as the fight against COVID-19 continues.

The Resource Center consolidates all nursing home information, guidance, and resources into a user-friendly, one-stop-shop that is easily navigable so providers and caregivers can spend less time searching for critical answers and more time caring for residents. Moreover, the new platform contains features specific to residents and their families, ensuring they have the information needed to make empowered decisions about their health care.

With the new page, people can efficiently navigate all facility inspection reports and data – including COVID-19 pandemic and Public Health Emergency (PHE) information. This tool will remain active through and beyond the COVID-19 PHE.

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