CDC Launches New Health Equity in Cancer Website

The new Health Equity in Cancer website features CDC’s health equity work in cancer prevention and control. The site also focuses on disadvantages some groups of people face in preventing cancer. Health equity in cancer is when everyone has an equal opportunity to prevent cancer, find it early, and get good treatment and follow-up after treatment is completed.

CDC’s National Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program is a champion for health equity. Its purpose is to support access to screening for people who are medically underserved and have low incomes.

NEW: Accessibility for People with Limited English Proficiency

Many public health agencies and healthcare systems use websites and other digital platforms (e.g., social media, videos, podcasts) to provide information and services to the public. Limited English proficiency should not prevent people from accessing these resources.

Improving Access to Public Websites and Digital Services for Limited English Proficient (LEP) Persons is a new and valuable publication filled with best practices that can help you break down digital barriers for people whose primary language is not English. The publication also shows examples of websites, site navigation patterns, language selectors, and more. Use this resource to ensure that people with LEP can access your information and services.