Are Changes to Team-Based Care Models Needed for the Future?

Researchers have called for a new model of team-based care called “advanced team care with in-room support” in a report in the Annals of Family Medicine. They state that old primary care team models are “underpowered” and where the new model has been deployed, there has been improved productivity and growth, as well as enhanced patient and staff satisfaction. The researchers also contend the model would “allow clinicians to shed that portion of clinical and administrative work that a well-trained, well-staffed team could easily perform.” Attend “Team-Based Care: Empowering Patients, Reducing Provider Burnout and Achieving Quality” at our Annual Conference & Clinical Summit.  You’ll hear how one health center has created a financially sustainable structure that is transparent, promotes both patient and provider buy-in to team-based care, and incorporates performance improvement, care coordination, behavioral health and primary care providers in a synergistic manner in utilizing their team-based care model.