Pennie American Rescue Plan Act Additional Savings

Beginning today, Friday, April 16, Pennie’s Phase 1 of the American Rescue Plan Act takes effect. Current customers will be able to access the Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC) enhanced subsidies during this phase, as long as they actively resubmit their Pennie application. The second phase in Pennie’s implementation plan relates to re-running eligibility for current Pennie customers. Pennie will be automatically updating their plans with the enhanced subsidies and will implement these savings by no later than June. Pennie will be notifying their customers when these changes will be available  in their accounts, and what steps they need to take  to receive them, if necessary. For more information access these Pennie Job Aids. Here are the steps to update an account for someone already receiving APTC, applied for APTC but earned too much to qualify, and NOT eligible for unemployment.

  • Login to dashboard
  • Scroll down to Household Eligibility
  • Click link to edit application
  • Go through the application, verify all info is correct
  • Make all the attestations on the Sign & Submit Page (click all the check boxes)
  • Sign & Submit
  • Get updated eligibility