PA-HAN Update on Infection Prevention & Control for COVID-19 in Healthcare Settings

This HAN Update provides comprehensive information regarding infection prevention and control for COVID-19 in healthcare settings and replaces PA-HAN-524. Major additions and edits in this version (compared to HAN 524) include:

  • Edited language to emphasize that to be effective, facemasks and cloth face coverings must be well-fitting.
  • The addition of options for screening patients, visitors, and healthcare personnel (HCP) upon entry to the healthcare facility.
  • The recommendation to utilize universal use of eye protection for all patient care encounters now excludes facilities located in areas with minimal to no community transmission. Applicable definitions are provided at the end of the Update.
  • The addition of clarifying language to indicate that the prevention measures indicated for persons with COVID-19 are also indicated for persons on quarantine.
  • Respirators are recommended for care of persons with COVID-19. Language suggesting the use of facemasks if respirators are not available has been removed.

If you have questions about this guidance, please contact DOH at 1-877-PA- HEALTH (1-877-724-3258) or your local health department.