FCC $250 Million Telehealth Program Application Window

Last week, the FCC announced details about when and how it will award the $250 million in new funding for the COVID-19 telehealth program. As expected, FQHCs -– particularly those in rural areas, and those who applied but did not receive funding from this program last year -– will receive significantly priority points, including:

  • 15 points for applicants who applied but were not funded in round one last year
  • 10 points for being an FQHC
  • 10 points for serving a HPSA with a score of 13 or higher
  • 5 points for serving a rural area

There will be only a one-week window to submit applications, and it will likely be in late April. Health centers that applied previously but were not funded will need to reapply. Also, applicants who did receive funding in round one are permitted to apply for additional funding in this round.