Vaccine Survey Discontinued

The Department of Health (DOH) notified providers that providers will no longer be able to request vaccines through the Weekly Vaccine Request Survey. All providers who want vaccines will be required to place orders for Pfizer (450 or 1170), Moderna, or Janssen directly into PA SIIS. The DOH team will review those orders and approve them daily for processing. Once orders are approved, providers will receive a confirmation email from PA SIIS/VTrcks. As a part of this transition, routine allocation letters will no longer be sent out from the DOH resource account. Providers will be able to check the status of shipment by logging in directly to PA SIIS. Providers may place orders more than once per week based on need. If providers run into any problems while placing the order and need support, please email the DOH resource account at or call DOH at 717-787-5681.