DOH Updates Vaccine Dashboard to Better Reflect Race, Ethnicity Data

Department of Health Acting Secretary Alison Beam announced the COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard is now updated to better reflect the race and ethnicity of Pennsylvanians receiving the COVID-19 vaccine in the 66 counties outside of Philadelphia. The update to the dashboard can be found on the second page of the COVID-19 vaccine dashboard showing a county-specific view of demographics for people vaccinated by race, ethnicity, gender and age; it also includes a county ranking of the percent of residents in a given county that have received their vaccine. The demographic detail page was launched in late April. Until this week, the percentages displayed factored in the population of Philadelphia County. However, because Philadelphia County is designated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as a separate vaccine jurisdiction, the Department of Health’s data does not include information on people vaccinated in Philadelphia. The demographic information will help identify any equity gaps in vaccine distribution so that DOH can work closely with trusted local partners and stakeholders to create and share information for those who may be hesitant about receiving the vaccine.