Pennsylvania Department of Community Economic Development Releases Neighborhood Assistance Program Guidelines

The COVID-19 Pandemic has had an immense, unprecedented impact on the people and economy of Pennsylvania. Businesses have closed, people have lost their jobs, and life in general has been severely disrupted. Within the most vulnerable communities of Pennsylvania the impact of this pandemic has been exacerbated by the ongoing conditions of social injustice, poverty, and neglect. Due to the effects of this situation on the people and economy of Pennsylvania there will be a special emphasis on and priority given to projects that seek to address critical issues related to the pandemic and its aftermath for program year 2020-2021. Within these guidelines there are activities highlighted as being priorities for COVID-19 Pandemic and Social Justice Issues. While some of these priorities are based on individual services many of them are more community focused as it will take the efforts of entire communities to fully recover from this historical event.

Applicants who are planning to submit applications that address these critical needs are encouraged to do so when the NAP application is opened. The Department reserves the right to determine whether a project qualifies as a priority under these special circumstances. Those projects deemed not to be a priority will be considered after all other priority projects have been awarded if there are any tax credits remaining.

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