Pennsylvania Launches Abortion Access Website After Texas Ruling

Pennsylvania launched a website for reproductive health care resources after a Texas judge’s unprecedented ruling halting approval of the nation’s most common method of abortion. The new website, unveiled on Monday, helps users find a provider near them, make a plan, and get financial support. Read more. The Biden Administration has appealed the ruling and 240 members of Congress, including nearly every Democrat in the Senate, filed an amicus brief Tuesday urging the Fifth Circuit to stay last week’s district court order blocking the FDA’s decades-old approval of the abortion drug mifepristone. On Wednesday, a federal appeals court narrowed the decision by the Texas judge, preserving access to the abortion pill mifepristone for now but reducing the period of pregnancy when the drug can be used and said it could not be dispensed by mail. Democratic governors across the U.S. announced plans to stockpile mifepristone following the Texas judge’s ruling to suspend approval of the drug, but Gov. Josh Shapiro said state law prevents him from doing so in Pennsylvania.