Journal of Appalachian Health: Volume 2, Issue 3 Available NOW!

Fiscal Challenges and Anticipated Changes to Kentucky’s Population Health System

Jeffrey Howard, University of Louisville

Perspective on Substance-Abuse Recovery Ecosystem from the Appalachian Regional Commission Federal Co-Chair

Tim Thomas, Appalachian Regional Commission

Appalachian Regional Commission Recovery Ecosystem Background and Overview

Kostas Skordas & Andrew Howard, Appalachian Regional Commission

Research Articles

Geographic Variation in the Structure of Kentucky’s Population Health Systems: An Urban, Rural, and Appalachian Comparison

Rachel Hogg-Graham, Angela Carman, Glen P. Mays, and Pierre Martin Dominique Zephyr

Parental Impact on Child Physical Activity and Sedentary Time in Appalachian North Carolina

Allison V. Farrell, Richard W. Christiana, Rebecca A. Battista, and J. Joy James

Preventive Care and Chronic Disease Management: Comparison of Appalachian and Non-Appalachian Community Health Centers in the United States

Julie P. Marcinek, Alek Sripipatana, and Sue C. Lin

Consumption of Added Sugars by Rural Residents of Southwest Virginia

Maryam Yuhas, Valisa Hedrick, and Jamie Zoellner

Review & Special Articles

Preface: Experiencing Cancer in Appalachian Kentucky

Michele Ellison and Robin C. Vanderpool

Experiencing Cancer in Appalachian Kentucky

Melanie McComsey, David Ahern, Robin C. Vanderpool, Timothy W. Mullett, Ming-Yuan Chih, Meghan Johnson, Michele Ellison, Karen Onyeije, Bradford W. Hesse, and Eliah Aronoff-Spencer

Responding to Appalachian Voices: Steps in Developing Substance-Use Recovery Ecosystems

Bruce Behringer

Listening to Voices in Appalachia: Gathering Wisdom from the Field About Substance-Abuse Recovery Ecosystems

Bruce Behringer