ARC Research Papers Contribute to Understanding Regional Substance Use Disorder

This week, ARC published a collection of research papers and commentary in The Journal of Appalachian Health about substance use disorder and recovery-to-work efforts in Appalachia. The articles described the process, findings, and insights from ARC’s Substance Abuse Advisory Council (SAAC). Two accompanying commentary pieces offers perspective on how organizations and economic development entities can help combat Appalachia’s opioid epidemic in a way that saves lives, strengthens communities, and bolsters economic growth in the Region.

To read ARC’s articles:

Responding to Appalachian Voices: Steps in Developing Substance-Use Recovery Ecosystems, authored by Bruce Behringer, SAAC Moderator

Listening to Voices in Appalachia: Gathering Wisdom from the Field About Substance-Abuse Recovery Ecosystems, authored by Bruce Behringer, SAAC Moderator

To read ARC’s commentaries:

Perspective on Substance-Abuse Recovery Ecosystem from the Appalachian Regional Commission Federal Co-Chair, authored by Tim Thomas, Federal Co-Chairman at ARC.

Appalachian Regional Commission Recovery Ecosystem Background and Overview, authored by Kostas Skordas, Director of Research and Evaluation at ARC and Andrew Howard, Chief of Staff at ARC.