AID in PA: Resource Collection for Autism & Intellectual Disabilities

A new resource collection website, AID in PA, has recently launched. The site was created in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Office of Developmental Programs, PA HCQUs, ASERT, and Temple University. The site provides resource collections designed specifically for the ID/A communities, their parents and caregivers, professionals and the communities across Pennsylvania. The site is home to a variety of topics.

AID in PA began in response to the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. ODP knew it was a time of particular need for the ID/DD/A communities of Pennsylvania. The original goal was to arm self-advocates and those who support them with the necessary information to navigate and cope with a global health crisis, but has since grown to offering guidance and support through a multitude of challenges facing the ID/DD/A communities such as healthy sexuality and trauma support and recovery.

Explore the resources available on the AID in PA site.