Five-Year Trends in U.S. Children’s Health & Well-being Results from 2016-2020 Released


Five-Year Trends in U.S. Children’s Health and Well-being, 2016-2020, a Maternal Child Health Bureau study using their National Survey of Children’s Health data was recently published in the JAMA Pediatrics. A 29% increase in anxiety and 27% increase in depression over the five-year period was noted along with during the period of 2019-2020 (the first part of the pandemic) there was a 34% increase in parents who reported they quit, declined, or changed jobs due to child-care problems in the past 12 months, 32% increase in unmet health care needs, a 20% increase in behavioral/conduct problems, and a 9% reduction in preventive medical visits. You can also read an editorial that accompanied the article, Adversity and Opportunity – The Pandemic’s paradoxical Effect on Child Health and Well-being.