Wolf Administration Launches Resource to Support Kinship Caregivers

The PA Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Department of Aging (PDA) Secretary launched KinConnector, a resource designed to help kinship care families connect to services and supports that can help children and their caregivers. Grandparents raising grandchildren are among the most common type of kinship caregiver, but kinship care families also can include an aunt or uncle, adult sibling, or a non-relative caregiver such as a close family friend raising a child when their parents cannot care for them. Kinship care arrangements help maintain family bonds and reduce trauma experienced when children cannot be cared for by their own parents. KinConnector is part of a kinship navigator program for Pennsylvania that will assist kinship care families to access resources and supports and connect with families in similar situations around the commonwealth. KinConnector also runs a helpline with English and Spanish options that can be reached by calling 1-866-KIN-2111 (1-866-546-2111).