Updated HANs on COVID

The Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH) released updated guidance for making decisions about return to work for healthcare personnel (HCP) with confirmed COVID-19, or who have suspected COVID-19 (e.g., developed symptoms of COVID-19 but did not get tested for COVID-19). These updates are consistent with those published by the CDC on Feb. 16, 2021. This HAN replaces PA-HAN-516. DOH also released update guidance for Transmission-Based Precautions used by healthcare facilities to care for patients with confirmed or probable COVID-19, or in response to known or suspected exposure to COVID-19 according to PA-HAN-524 and CDC guidelines. This HAN replaces PA-HAN-517. For persons with COVID-19 that are undergoing home-based isolation, please refer to CDC Guidance. Click here to access all of the 2021 Health Alerts, Advisories and Updates.