Update on 340B Developments

Since July 1 there has been an attack on the 340B program and contract pharmacies. This is a high priority advocacy issue for NACHC and PACHC. NACHC is coordinating strategy to combat these attacks on the 340B program including potential legal actions and an extensive public relations (PR) campaign. To assist with the PR campaign, FQHCs are asked to create a one-pager to highlight the importance of the 340B program, with an emphasis on the services you are able to provide to communities because of the savings from the 340B program. Click here for a copy of the template. NACHC is also working on a 340B response toolkit to be distributed soon. NACHC has put together a summary of what has occurred and guidance. 340B Health, a coalition of 340B providers, put together an analysis of the request from Merck. Stay tuned for updates and additional resources.