A Review of the Rural Northern Border Region Healthcare Support Program

The Federal Office of Rural Health Policy awarded approximately $1,990,000 to the Rural Health Redesign Center Organization (RHRCO) from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in a three-year cooperative agreement intended to provide technical assistance (TA) to rural health care providers and organizations in the Northern Border Regional Commission (NBRC). This cooperative agreement will help providers and organizations prioritize health issues, identify funding sources, assist with grant writing and develop strategic plans – with the overall intent to increase health care delivery capacity within the region. In alignment with the Rural Northern Border Region Healthcare Support Program, RHRCO’s proposed project will provide rural healthcare providers with technical assistance to improve access to care, including behavioral health and substance use disorder (SUD) services, workforce development, recruitment, and retention, and support transitions to value-based care. The TA provided in this cooperative agreement will continue to build on FORHP’s efforts to help underserved NBRC rural communities identify and better address their health care needs.