Health Insurance Marketplaces are Trying to Reverse Decades of Racism in the Insurance Industry

Health insurance brokers play an important role in getting Americans covered, but they often aren’t representative of the communities they serve. Some state health insurance marketplaces are working to address these racial disparities, say Georgetown University’s Jalisa Clark and Christine H. Monahan on To the Point. Connecticut, for example, has created a “broker academy” to recruit from historically underserved communities and train people to become life and health insurance brokers. The program “aspires to establish a more diverse and trusted broker industry, provide individuals with at least a high-school-level education access to a stable and profitable career, and help increase insurance coverage rates in underserved communities,” the authors write. Washington State is also planning to launch its own broker academy, while other states are engaging existing brokers to improve outreach into communities of color. Pennie has begun an initiative to recruit diverse brokers through similar initiatives. Read More.