Read About the Update on the 2020 Census Count: Age Variations by County

A new interactive map will give you a county’s population and its median age – the midpoint at which one-half of the population is older and one-half is younger.  Variations in age distribution within a state are common; for example, median ages in South Dakota ranged from 23 in Todd County to 56 in Custer County.  The Census Bureau has not yet released numbers for older U.S. residents from the 2020 count, but a report from 2019 showed that 17.5 percent of the rural population was 65 years and older compared to 13.8 percent in urban areas.  Overall, the Census estimated that the nation’s 65-and-older population had grown by a third since 2010 and that the working-age population is not keeping pace with the growth of older Americans.