Quarterly 340B Program Registration Opens July 1

Quarterly 340B Program site registration opens July 1 through July 15. Health centers will be able to register a site that is verified as implemented and with a site status reflected as “active” on Electronic Handbook (EHB) Form 5B through August 21. After that date, the system will close to prepare for the October 1 start. Email the 340B call center or call 888-340-2787 (Monday-Friday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm) to register a new site or ask questions. The following information is needed when calling: health center name; site/clinic name; site IDs for all sites; HRSA/BPHC grant number; contact name and email address and authorizing official name and email address. The authorizing official will receive an email message that the account is unlocked, and a registration may be submitted.